Last comp night is tomorrow night Tuesday 13th of March.


STFC is affiliated with both the Little Athletics Association of New South Wales (LAANSW) and Athletics New South Wales (ANSW).




For athletes aged up to U/17, when you join STFC you will be registered with LAANSW and be provided with:

1.   A registration number (eg 54), which must be sewn securely to the front of your centre uniform singlet.  The sponsor’s name and logo must be visible as well as the coloured border. <

2.   An age group number (eg U9), which must be sewn securely to the front left hand side of your centre uniform singlet.

3.   A Little Athletics achievement book in which you can record your results.

4.   A LAANSW calendar/handbook which includes information about Little Athletics in NSW in general.


Adult athletes and athletes in the U/12 – U/17 age groups will be registered with ANSW.  The reciprocal registration arrangements that now exist between ANSW and LAANSW means that athletes in the U/12 to U/17 age group will be automatically registered with both organisations.  ANSW registration numbers will be issued to athletes once they arrive, usually by the end of October.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are valid for 12 months and include insurance coverage under schemes held, arranged and administered by LAANSW and/or ANSW.  Athletes receive a $10 discount if they register before 6pm on the last registration night (Tuesday 04 October 2016).

Fees are as follows:  
Tiny Tots $75
U/6-Adult $95
  Family discount for third child and up ($10 off)

Extra fees will apply to athletes from U/18 and above who intend to compete at ANSW sanctioned events such as Country Championships and State Titles, please ask a committee member for further information. Please take your child’s Birth Certificate with to be sighted if it’s a new Registration.

Athletics NSW Costs

Athletes who are 17 or 18 as at 30/9/2017 can register as an U/20 athlete $120, or as a Club athlete $95

Athletes who are 19 or older as at 30/9/2017 can register as an open athlete $145, or as a Club athlete $95

Registering as a Club athlete entitles senior athletes to compete at the ANSW Country Championships in January 2018.


Singlets can be purchased from the canteen for $25